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FAG Bearings Introduction

Author : Date : 8/10/2013 9:39:49 AM

FAG Kugelfischer George Schaefer AG, is the oldest bearing company in the world. Its founder, Freidrich Fischer, is credited with the invention of Ball Making Machine in 1883.This invention set the foundation of modern bearing industry. With headquarters in Germany, FAG's multinational operations include 75 companies in four continents.

In its operations over the past 120 years, FAG has established itself as a world leader in bearing technologies, by designing and implementing highly advanced bearing systems for diverse and critical applications. For example, FAG bearings are successfully used in NASA space shuttles, in tunneling machines which cut the 50 km Euro Tunnel, in high-speed trains like ICE, which run at speeds of 280 Km per hour and more. FAG is also a preferred supplier of bearing systems to the world's leading manufacturers of cars and trucks like GM, Ford, Volkswagen, Volvo, Daimler Chrysler to name a few.

FAG's strategy of focusing on innovative products and processes has proved to be a clear winner in the highly competitive bearing market, as evident by the group's successful performance in recent years. Today, FAG is a Euro 2.22 Billion (2001) group worldwide, with net income of 57 Billion Euro.