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TIMKEN Bearings Introduction

Author : Date : 8/10/2013 9:38:46 AM

TIMKEN Bearings (Timken) is a world leader in advanced engineering bearings and alloy steel manufacturer in the world
 25 countries with more than 100 factories and offices.
 In 1985, TIMKEN bearing the company's founder Henry Timken designed a bearing with tapered roller, which is a leather
 Life of the technical design. This is called "tapered roller bearings," the new bearings in the carriage on the first use of significantly reduced
 Friction, and in three years to obtain a patent. Start date, TIMKEN bearings and stable development of the company as the world's well-known to the advanced bearing and
 Just to high-quality suppliers around the world a growing number of customer service. Today, the listed company is tapered roller bearings and alloy-free
 The field of sewing machine pipe leading manufacturers. TIMKEN bearing product 230 kinds of types, 26000 different specifications of the tapered roller
 Bearings, they were widely used in countries of the world's automotive, aerospace, general industrial and railway industries. Distributed in five continents 20
 TIMKEN bearing factory produce goods according uniform quality standards. IMKEN bearings in the United States, six focus on producing steel alloy steel, covered with
 Seamless steel tubes, steel bars, billets and ingots and other products. The use of these products are all major industries worldwide.
 Timken Bearing type outer ring by the inner model plus models, whereas the International Organization for Standardization (iso) 3000 Series, except, as the series provides the use of an inner model.