Roller bearings 

Sendzimir Mill Bearing

Sendzimir Mill Bearing

Product name:Sendzimir Mill Bearing

Item:578167,541332B,804209,610627 B,BNTB 326074/HB1,BC3


Backing up roller bearing also called Senzimir mill bearings,it was specially designed for cold rolling mills, Most are used to process high grade steel strip and non-ferrous metal strip ,but can also be used for other applications e.g. straightening or bending machines.
1)Structure & Feature:Backing bearings are roller bearings having a particularly thick-walled outer ring and can be mounted on stationary support shafts to form back-up or straightening rolls. The forces from the work rolls are transmitted via the support shaft and a system of support saddles to the roll or machine stands.
LYHG Back-up rollers
2)Processing accuracy:running accuracy must be P4 at least,dimensional accuracy no less than P5;
were classified in three to seven section height groups each of 3μm to 5μm;
were suitable for high strip speeds, up to 1000 m/min depending on operating conditions.
We are manufacturing this bearing in 3 structures.

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